Friday, September 30, 2011

Nerf Mods & Reviews: HVZ Triple Shot, Another HVZ blaster

It's basically a Lanard Triple Shot, but what's cool about this new HVZ branded blaster is.. it shows Humans vs Zombies is now big enough to GET their own blaster, and for it to be a Toys R Us exclusive:) I personally love the aesthetics of this blaster, and the new HVZ paint scheme is pretty schmick. No doubt out of the box they'll be pretty ordinary performance-wise, but you modders are a clever bunch...

Over to you Jerm:)

Nerf Mods &Reviews: HVZ Triple Shot, Another HVZ blaster:


  1. singled triple shots are indeed incredibly powerful! sign me up on this one!

  2. INDEEEEED.....we ARE a clever bunch......I wonder how many springs I can pack into that sucker ^^

  3. This looks rather... nice. (Muwahhahha.)
    Speaking as one of those 'Clever modders', I really like the look of this gun.
    If the internals on this are anything like those on the Nerf Mav,(Single spring, one AR per barrel) this could very well be one of the easiest guns to mod. I doubt the power on the thing is going to get into the modded Longshot/Praxis range, but I'm willing to bet that one of these, lightly modded, could beat any Nerf brand out-of-box by as much as 30-50%. Which would not be too bad for an off-brand blaster. I usually avoid off branders,(I'm talking at you, BuzzBee) but I'm definitely picking one of these up. Besides, I love any blaster with a bottom pump, and I like the storage stock. This could well be my new second-favorite HvZ gun! ;)