Saturday, July 30, 2011

Max Force: Shadow Hawk 100 Trigger Mod.. Ubercool!

Max Force is awesome; we at UT love the gear. It just lacks.. a trigger. So check this out from one of our readers..a vid on a very cool trigger mod, right down to specs on how he did it. I'm suitably impressed:)


  1. MAX FORCE. Graduates from foam? A meager spitwad tube?! Downgrading Nerf so they can sell. I might as well get an airsoft pistol if I can't reuse the ammo.

    1. What ranges do stock Nerfs get?? 40, maybe 50 feet? These things get 100 feet right out of the box. I still like nerf, and I'm probably not getting another Max Force, but they are still really good blasters. By the way, you can use other things for ammo, not just what it comes with.

  2. Wow that is awesome! I've been reading this blog for a while now waiting for someone to mod this line. Me like! =)

  3. the trigger isnt as easy to install on this weapon i have been modding and changing around for a week now and almost have it strong enuff to hold, as the spring is quite a strong sucker!
    Hoping to have it on Youtube soon got my trigger idea from

  4. Does anyone use these anymore. I can have the parts made out of plastic. can even build an ammo mold for max force ammo and create a battery driven pump system that runs off a trigger for the terrinator but the max force stuff seems dead in Australia.

  5. Would certainly be interested in your ammo mold and pump for the terrornator! Which part of Australia?

    Btw... Just opened up and tested my shadow hawk... Proper soaking of ammo as well as proper following of instructions but it barely punches through normal A4 paper at 2 metres! Should I take it back or open it up and lubricate the seals?