Sunday, January 23, 2011

New 2011 Nerf Dart Tag Vision Gear

the 2011 range of Dart Tag 'Vision Gear'. Shhwanky.
As many of you probably already saw,the new 2011 Dart Tag vision gear were officially released on the US website yesterday. The new design looks great, comes in three different colour schemes and will be sold for $4.99US (rrp) which is considerably cheaper than the previous Vision Gear packs that sold for around 10 bucks (although the previous packs did include 16 Dart Tag darts whereas these don't). 

From what I can see, the new updated models are a better design given they use a single lens piece without a nose bridge piece to separate the left and right eyes. This would suggest they'll be more flexible and versatile for bigger (adult) heads. They also have more air flow allowances with the vents on the side to reduce fog, and come in a dark grey coloured lens as opposed to the original amber tint. In order to fit in the proposed packaging, It looks like the arms are hinged and foldable rather than the old Vision Gear that were a single molded piece.

The official blurb:

"As you build your DART TAG arsenal, don’t forget an essential component: VISION GEAR glasses. This awesome eyewear gives you the super cool look of a serious DART TAG competitor and helps you get ready to win. Put these on, grab your blaster (not included) and start blasting your way to victory!
Ages 8 and up. /!\ CAUTION: Do not look directly at the sun. This is not a protective device."

Now there's no mention of it performing any UV protection, as with the previous Vision Gear. I'm also interested in the fact that they clearly don't call them "glasses" or "protective eye wear" or even "goggles"; they'll even go so far as to say "gives you the super cool LOOK of a serious Dart Tag competitor" rather than offering any actual reassurance of the obvious.. that they're making sure you don't cop a velcro dart in the eye. Me thinks legals and marketing had to spend a fair amount of time chatting about this one:)

What do you reckon? Like 'em? Don't like 'em? Either way, the new 2011 Dart Tag blasters DON'T come with them, and we at UT strongly urge anyone going up against dart tag ammo to wear protective eye wear so maybe this IS the way to go. No idea of release dates OR Australian pricing yet.

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  1. I hope these actually fit on a person with a normal shaped face.. The old ones were terrible.

  2. If they don't have a Nerf logo I'll wear them to school as shades.

  3. id just stick to my revision sunglasses, thank you :D

  4. I think not many people will buy them. Because most teens nowadays wear glasses. So, if we wear those 'shades' then we wont be able to see things very well won't we?

    I once wore the older version and I hit my head on a wall at a turn because the 'shades' disoriented my vision and made the wall look further than it really is. After that, I even dropped by beloved Maverick......

  5. Because I have poor vision I have to wear prescription glasses. However, I usually battle with a pair of prescription aviators. Because of the general wrapped and large design of aviators they tend to keep my eyes fairly well protected. Likewise, I have a friend who has clear lenses in his titanium Oakley's which are almost the exact same design as the Dart Tag Vision Gear, and as such wrap around and protect quite nicely.

    I agree with you. I don't think that they will sell as well as they hope they will. But I think that they're using them more as a buffer against potential lawsuits. And let's face it, for 4.99, they're still cheap enough to warrant picking up if necessary. Plus I might want to get a pair of the black ones simply because they do look kinda cool...

  6. hey pocket esq. can u do a review on nerfs for night missions including firefly vs deploy

  7. ill stick with standard wrap around safety glasses. at less than $4 a pair tat are polorised and rated as safety equipment for various industries. i dont see much of a point in the nerf brans ones.