Wednesday, January 12, 2011

N-Strike Logo Old vs New

New..and yet retro:)
It was brought to my attention today that the proposed new repaint for the Nerf Maverick REV-6 features the OLD N-Strike logo, not the new updated one featured on the 2010 blasters. The simple answer to this is the N-Strike logo is moulded into the plastic; Nerf probably don't bother updating their blaster plastic moulds and just use the Maverick template as per the original blue and yellow edition from years back.
Old logo on a traditional yellow and orange Maverick

I personally don't own a blue and yellow Maverick, but you can see on a traditional yellow one that the logo features the "Engage, Enlist, Enforce" wording and the horizontal lines. The logo has been moulded into the plastic, it's not just printed on.
Sonic Series Maverick: still the same mould
The newest variety of Maverick available on the market is the Sonic Series translucent green version, and you can see it still sports the old N-Strike logo even though it came out late 2010. Yup.. no mould updates here.

The newer N-Strike logo as on the Barricade RV-10
New blasters that were designed last year though (and future releases I assume) will feature the updated simpler version of the N-Strike logo.

Personally, I'm happy with the new logo- "Engage, Enlist Enforce" or whatever just sounds stupid:)


  1. i think that they just got lazy and didnt change the mav mold haha

  2. old looks better i think.
    just cost cutting that little bit of plastic they save trying to get it to come out right prob saved a few days on dev time of the molds.

  3. Looks District 9 Prawn weapon style.

  4. yeah i liked the old mold better, but the new boxes are wayy better

  5. That white and orange maverick is awesome! Is it modded or can you buy them like that?

  6. i like the new more than the old one